Season 4 Ticket + Courier!

Season 4 Ticket + Courier!

The Premier League Season 4 ticket is now available in the Dota 2 store! The ticket will grant you access to all the Season 4 matches through DotaTV, along with a Genuine Mythical courier!

In case our previous grand announcement hasn’t caught your eye yet, The Premier League Season 4 features 10 of the highest performing Dota 2 teams from both Europe and America playing in more than a 100 professionally casted games. This all throughout 9 weeks of competition, 5 matches per week and with a final playoffs phase with 4 best ranking teams, commentated in English by Blaze & Rainmaker, as well as in Russian by Versuta.

And about the courier? Well, its name is Wynchell and it’s a Wyrmeleon (which is supposedly a hybrid of a Wyrm and a chameleon). Check the video of the funny little guy below:


The special thing about Wynchell is that it’s the very first courier to gain levels in Dota 2. It basically works like this: the more games from The Premier League you watch, the more the Wyrmeleon evolves by gaining unusual effects! Courier effects get more complex as you watch more games, at 100 games watched the effects are in full strength. For this release we decided that people had to only load a replay or join a game in progress for the counter to be updated.. Awesome, right?

You can share your impressions about the courier with others on The Premier League Steam group. It’s also a great place to get notified about upcoming matches or new features and maybe chat with some of the players competing in the league.

Why are you still here? Head over to the shop and claim your ticket now!


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  1. TPL.Ange says
    13/02/2013, 08:21

    Hi, Yes we changed the way the bundle works. You now get a ticket that when activated will grant you the courier.

  2. ticket says
    13/02/2013, 11:12

    does it means when someone use ticket bought before steam update,he can get two couriers?
    so the players who (like TPL ) use the ticket at the beginning of TPL, just are worth one courier.

    • Avatar of TPL.Ange
      TPL.Ange says
      13/02/2013, 12:37

      No idea about it.. thats a technical question which is Valve’s side. However, I hope it doesnt.

    • Sloce says
      22/02/2013, 23:56

      Yeah id does. I got 2 cause i forgot to activate my ticket. After I did it a few days later i got the second courier.

  3. Josh says
    13/02/2013, 15:13

    Ange, i have another question.
    If I have 2 wyrmeleons it is possible that it will level at the same time if a watch it live or in a replay?
    because its not working atm,.

    • Avatar of TPL.Ange
      TPL.Ange says
      13/02/2013, 15:17

      Hm Idont think so, the aim is to level your wyrmeleon not multiple ones

  4. BT says
    15/02/2013, 18:12

    Can we get tourney items even we watch a replay? Or do they only drop when watching the matches live?

  5. Avatar of TPL.Ange
    TPL.Ange says
    15/02/2013, 20:24

    Hello BT,

    Items only drop during live.

  6. tollewaan says
    21/02/2013, 20:03

    what happens to the courier when he levels up

  7. strawhat says
    09/03/2013, 02:53

    Hi, I’ve just watched 2 replays and the courier view isn’t increasing?

    • J5epkym says
      09/03/2013, 22:38

      Same situation

  8. ticket says
    11/03/2013, 04:00

    i think steam bug again:my courier stop grow at 41 match views,no matter watch live or review.

  9. noj says
    11/03/2013, 23:55

    how come i already watched some games and the courier still says that i havent watched any yet

  10. Frz says
    12/03/2013, 09:39

    Same situation…Fix it please)))

  11. M says
    11/04/2013, 14:03

    hmm, I got a question – does the view count increase only when you watch TPL matches/replays or any other tournament also works?

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