The 8 teams competing will play 7 cups and win points according to their position at the end of each cup.  The top 4 teams in Season will fight for a piece of the $15,000 prize pool during the season’s Finals weekends at the conclusion of the regular season.

The Finals Weekend is a live studio-produced broadcast event featuring the top 4 teams from the regular season (essentially the playoffs via a double elimination, best-of-three bracket with performance seeding). The prize distribution will be as follows: $9,000 for first place, $3,000 for second place, $2,000 for third and $1,000 for 4th.

General Rules

• Every Cup will be played in a best-of-1 match format. Cup Finals will be played in best-of-3 format. 1st / 100 points, 2nd / 50 points, 3rd / 30 points and
4th / 18 points

• The SuperCup will be played in a best-of-3 match format. SuperCup Final will be played in best-of-5 format.

•  Premier League staff is allowed in game. Others observers (casters, friend list, etc.) are not allowed.

•  The five players have to be in game 15 mn before the official game start. It is needed that every team does respect it for the respect of viewers and casters.

•  The players in game have to use a name as :  TEAMTAG.NICKNAME (example: PL.Ange). This is mandatory so the viewers and casters can clearly check who is who.

•  A team is allowed to add 3 stand-in to his official line up, with a maximum of 2 stand-in used per game. The team has to inform the PL staff what stand-in will be added to their line up before the start of the season. The stand-in has to wear a name like stand-in.Nickname. Using players from others teams playing in the Premier League is not allowed.

•  Sharing or publishing publicly replays, games IP or VODs from the Premier League is forbidden.

•  Personal streams are not allowed while players play a Premier League game.

• TPL Season 5 Server Rules

Based on average team ping, the teams are divided up into four server regions:

Russia – Virtus.Pro and RoX.KIS
EU – Alliance, Fnatic, Mouz, and Quantic
USe – Kaipi
USw – Evil Geniuses

USw vs EU – Automatic USe with exactly 1 remake (in an attempt to connect to the Virginia server cluster) available to the European team by request.

USe vs EU – Coin flip between USe and Luxembourg

USw vs Russia – Coin flip between USe and Lux (same remake rule available in the case of USe)

USe vs Russia – Automatic Luxembourg

NA matches – Automatic USe (Never Lux)

European/Russian matches – Automatic Luxembourg unless both teams agree otherwise

Whichever team has the server disadvantage, whether automatically or by coin flip, is given their choice of Side (Rad/Dire) or Pick (1st/2nd), with the other team getting whichever’s left. If home server is the same, there will be a coin flip for the side/pick choice.

In a Bo3, Game 3′s settings are identical to game 1′s.

• The non-respect of the rules or forfeiting a match on purpose will be punished like this: for the first time, the team will receive a warn (cuts 15% from the final prize the team  win). If the team break the rules once again, they will receive a second warn (cuts 30% from the final prize the team could win). If the team break the rules a third time, they will get banned from the current season.

In Game Rules

•  If a team is late by 20 mn from the official time, its opponent is awarded a default win (1-0). If the team is still late after 40 mn, its opponent is awarded a final default win (2-0).

•  Regarding the first pick and sides : the home team is on radiant and has the first pick. (example: MYM vs VP, the home team is MYM). For the second game, its reversed. If there is a third game, a toss will be done. The team wining the toss will decide wether it chooses the side or the first pick.

•  The game can’t be started if the Premier League casters are not in game.

•  There will be a break of 4 mn between each game.

•  A game is over once a team’s ancient has fallen or a team’s captain says FF in all chat.

Tie and Tiebreakers

•  In the case of several teams having the same amount of points a tie breakers tournament format  will be played.


•  The administration is there to plan, guarantee and maintain a fair run of the tournament. In case of a dispute, the administration will take the case with both team leaders.

•  The tournament administration will always act in the interest of the tournament, fair play, the players and the spectators. The goal is to prevent default losses and guarantee an exciting tournament for everybody. However the rulings will be strict depending on the intentions and behaviors of the teams involved in a dispute.

•  Before decisions are being made the administration will sit back and hold a discussion in private.

•  Abusive and disrespectful behavior towards admins and other participants will be punished with all severity.


•  The prizes will be paid in a maximum of 45 days following the end of the Season.

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