Review of Round 3

Review of Round 3

Round 3 is behind us! Some rumbling and unrest, some expected results as well as an unexpectedly one-sided derby. For this review, we also prepared a new feature called “TPL Dream Team” under the statistics section.

The ladder

For a not-so-desired start of the round, we saw a cancelled match due to mouz not appearing on time. A default win was given to Dignitas which secured their first points in the season and gave them some leverage over the bottom part of the table. They joined mouz, 3D!Clan and (although they’ve played 1 match less) in the mid-table with 1 win each, so far.

While the upper part of the ladder thinned out a bit with a convincing 2-0 victory by VP over Fnatic in this round’s key fixture, the first place is still a tie considering TeamLiquid managed to add another notch to their seemingly unstoppable winning streak in a match-up with 3D!Clan.

After their loss versus TeamLiquid in the previous round, Empire successfully got back on track by beating paiN and also Dignitas in a first match of the new, 4th round that started Monday. This puts them in the same spot as the first 2 teams regarding the number of wins, but with an extra match played.

Succumbing to the first victory of in the competition was team aL who just don’t seem like they’ve entered the season with the right rhythm, as they sit on the bottom of the ladder along with paiN, with no points acquired yet. Hopefully they can get it together in the coming rounds.



Here are some of the statistics gathered from this last round. The categories are defined based on win percentages and numbers of picks & bans of each hero. 


Most efficient heroes:

Most overrated heroes:

Most underrated heroes:



For the first time ever in The Premier League competitions, we are presenting an imaginary team made up of the players that performed best in the previous rounds, or the so-called TPL Dream Team.

Based on statistics like average GPM + XPM per game and, of course, depending on the heros played, we’ve chosen one player for each of the 5 positions in the Chinese role system. Here is the setup:



Key fixtures


mouz vs. Fnatic

March 7th – 20:00 CET

Fnatic again in the key fixture, this time in a battle to remain close to the leading party. mouz, on the other hand, is hoping to surprise the favorites in this match-up, and further establish an advantage over the mid and bottom part of the table. If both teams enter the clash as they want to, it will be a fierce best-of-three!


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