Proud of Dota 2

Proud of Dota 2

The Premier League staff proudly joins the celebration as Dota 2 – the game we all love to play and watch the professionals compete in – was officially released from Beta a few days ago.

This in spite of the release and its coverage across different news sites being somewhat anti-climactic – which is kind of expected since the game was already technically “out of beta” almost for a year now. Bugs appear very rarely and the game doesn’t have that visual (un-) appeal of a beta game for even longer than that.

Perhaps the enduring period of “Early Access Dota 2″ that just ended, lasted long enough for us to forget it’s still not a fully released game. However, as someone pointed out in the reactions to one of the news updates, it’s one small step for the game – but a giant leap for the community. As most of us are proud to have been a part of the game’s maturing process, we can witness it shine in full and open itself to the wider public.

Axe and Brewmaster are ready for the party, too

Axe and Brewmaster are ready to join party, too!

What makes that giant leap for the community so giant, then? Well, as the original post on the Dota 2 blog emphasized (by mentioning 6-digit player-count figures and showing images of huge data centers) – the (potentially huge) number of new players. Even though Dota 2 is pretty popular as it is, having it officially released means that it can be distributed through the classic channels within the gaming world, so – to put it simplistically – the word about our favorite game will travel much easier and with a much broader scope.

The invisible backbone of everday matchmaking (picture taken from Dota2.com)

Not to mention that it’s simply much less of a hassle now to get it (even though the wait-time could be the same or longer). And all this is also beneficial from the tournaments’ point of view. They (or us, if you will) would keep improving anyway, but will most likely do so at a much faster rate, since getting someone to sponsor a gaming tournament is a heck of a lot easier if they’ve already heard about or seen that game somewhere – or better yet, played it!

This can also be applied to any other aspect of the Dota 2 eSports scene. So there are only good things to expect – great things, moreover. We here at TPL would like to invite our followers and everyone else to enjoy this moment and celebrate Dota 2 for what it has become!


Bottoms up!


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