Pro Insight: Dendi

Pro Insight: Dendi

This time around we drop the spotlight on the  Na’Vi solo mid and, at the same time, one of the best players out there –  Dendi.

Ever wondered how professional gamers go about things? From did-you-knows like which music they find inspiring in-game and which hero they feel the least comfortable with, to some possibly helpful insights like which hotkey layout they use or what method of controling multiple units they find the most effective?

Well, we certainly have. Considering the high output of skill top Dota 2 players have the ability to generate, it is only natural to want to take a peek into some of their playing habits. To satisfy this need, we ask professional players to reveal to us some information about their gaming environments surrounded by which they’ve produced so many successful performances in the competitive gaming world.



Name: Danil ‘Dendi’ Ishutin

Age: 22

Country: Ukraine

Role: Semi-Carry, Ganker, Solo




Mouse: SteelSeries Sensei

Keyboard: SteelSeries 6Gv2

Headset: SteelSeries Siberia v2 Na`Vi Edition

Eyewear: None

Screen resolution: 1920 x 1080




Favorite hero:

No hero.

Favorite item:

 Blink Dagger

Worst hero (least comfortable with):

Any rightclick hero.

Preferred pub mode: AP

Because it’s fast.

Favorite fun public game stack strategy:

 Pudge + chen = fishing!





 If it was turned off, when I would chase an enemy into the fog, he could juke me, but this way my hero will attack in the crucial moment.

Ability hotkeys:




Most efficient group control method (TAB, unified orders, etc.): 

I bind the groups to numbers from 1-6 and switch throught them with TAB (if needed).

Most often used shift-queue: 

Any kind actually – for movements, dagger, items, etc.

Last-hit method (stationary animation-canceling, dynamic with timed approaches, etc.): 

 Different. Depends on the situation.




Most missed DotA semi-bug mechanics not available in Dota 2: 

I’d like to use Pudge’s hook + Force Staff combination from DotA.

If you didn’t play Dota 2, which eSport would you play competitively: 

I’m not sure if there is any.

Which eSport do you like watching the most, except Dota 2: 

StarCraft II.



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  1. BIG FAN says
    23/08/2012, 20:05

    what is your warkey ?
    what is the first hero you got a RAMPAGE with ?
    we need fun questions not just this !!!

  2. Na'Vi John says
    23/08/2012, 20:07

    Best player in the world… After YaphetS! ;)

  3. MMM says
    23/08/2012, 20:10

    yeah give us the warkey

  4. Emanuel Felipe says
    23/08/2012, 21:55

    Interview Puppey and ask him how he plays Chen, micro, group control, hotkeys…

  5. Screw says
    23/08/2012, 22:04

    What about item bindings?

  6. Dendi Brother says
    23/08/2012, 22:14

    Who was ur first hero or Tell me for u who is the best in solo mid

  7. DeViL says
    23/08/2012, 22:19

    I think these are his item bindings:

    1 3 MB 4
    space 4 MB 5

  8. Cabble says
    24/08/2012, 08:25

    Legacy keys is checked for him ;)

    i like to use
    e-r-t-g-d-f skills, space – h – v – n – 4 – 5 items
    a – attack, s – stop, b – hold
    legacy keys on pudge.
    z for group-toggle
    best ergonomy for myself if it seems wired to you :D

    some1 else got non-standard? ^^

  9. 24/08/2012, 08:49

    Dendi and the other Na´Vi players, like all the other teams invited to TI2 were in the middle of bootcamp so I guess he had to answer in a rush with some questions not fully answered, we didn’t want to bother him/them too much.

    And thanx for your suggestions, we will try to put some of those questions in one of our next spotlights!

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