PaiN disbands, replaced by Kaipi

PaiN disbands, replaced by Kaipi

As opposed to last season, there were almost no problems regarding participants in this season’s Premier League competition and it was a good run up until this moment. Unfortunately, the moment did come and we are urged to make a team replacement as the Brazilians of the now former team paiN had to split paths.

Statement from Diogo “ELFO” Slomsky, PaiN manager:
I’m very sorry about this but I’ve no other choice than to announce the end of this Dota 2 roster. We had many issues recently with 4 of our players and we didn’t manage to sort it out in the end. I apologize to the Dota 2 Premier League. I also apologize to our fans. I want to add that we are actively working on a new roster.

The ex paiN roster:


Team Kaipi will therefore replace paiN‘s spot in the Premier League Season 4, as well as their score and unfinished fixtures. We welcome them into the league and wish them all the luck in their upcoming matches!

Statement from zizou:
We are very happy to get invited in The Premer League to play against the best teams. We trained a lot in the last 2-3 months and I think it’s going prety well, we improved a lot and now with our newest member EternalEnvy we are feeling stronger. We are more than ready.

KP roster:


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  1. gg says
    27/03/2013, 22:23

    kaipi vs nth !

  2. Avatar of TPL.Ange
    TPL.Ange says
    28/03/2013, 09:25

    yup , gonnabe interesting, hehehe

  3. MuitoFACIL says
    28/03/2013, 22:02

    when the owner of the team paiN (PAADA) stop play dota, someday this team has chances again,



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