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During the last few days, we (either TPL as an organization or the members individually), made a few statements/actions through social media (such as our Facebook page and /r/dota2) that we’re not particularly happy with. Therefore, before we get into the matter at hand, we would like to say we’re sorry about that. We simply haven’t been able to find a cool-headed approach during this time, and the situation was thus far handled badly from our side and we do hope to correct this now.

That said, the reason behind those somewhat panic-like responses, was in fact because we were already planning to make a public statement about the matter of Valve taking away our license as tournament organizers in Dota 2. We felt and still feel confused about the reasoning behind it. We wanted to go public because we felt the fans and the public deserved to be informed on what happened.

Accusations in the media

So, before we can talk more about the matter at hand, we are firstly forced to react to the claims of various media sites about our business doings, and those of Laurent ‘Ange’ Blum as its CEO. We will gladly show that we have made all our obligations towards anyone we worked with.


Thiago Vidotto, the creator of the courier that went with the Season 4 ticket package, stated that he felt unsatisfied with his payment from TPL. On the picture below you can see that Vidotto got paid a total of 20% of the whole TPL ticket revenue. He also received an anticipation payment of 400 euros (download the package with all the documents).

02 - laurent blum invoice


Here are several extract of our talk on Skype with Thiago Vidotto, showing that he calculated the income with us, received the Season 4 sales figures via mail and confirmed the payment.  At first we didn’t want to post private conversations on the Internet, but sadly there is no other way.

Part 1

vido1Part 2


vido2Part 3



loda tweet

Another claim was that the teams didn’t receive prizemoney from TPL which you can see is false. All of the teams competing in tournaments up until Season 5 have been paid in full. Season 5 payments are still within the 90 day period (which is perfectly common for these kind of transactions) and they will also be made once the money from Season 5 is visible on our account. It’s worth noting that Valve already authorized the payment, so there are no problems with Season 5 either.

Season 4 – Alliance

Alliance payment


Season 4 – TeamLiquid



Season 4 – Virtus.Pro

VP Payment


Again, if that is not enough, download the package with all of the gathered documents by clicking on this link.

The e-mail from Valve

We were absolutely stunned when we received an e-mail from Valve telling us we couldn’t do tournaments anymore because we “didn’t pay people”, with nothing more specific than that. We tried to reach Valve many times to at least get a better understanding, we told them we had the evidence and we could show them. We even offered to move to the USA and discuss the matter. Mail, Steam, Skype – we didn’t get any answer so far.

Since we have a contract with Valve running and a confidentiality point, it is not in our interest to publish the contract but we allow Valve on our side to reveal those information to the public and shed light on the case. We also kindly ask them to explain to us and to the community how and why this happened.

Future plans frozen

The question, then, still stands. Why would we try to escape any of our obligations? It would be foolish for us to devalue all of our efforts to build a fanbase and gain trust from the community for the past couple of seasons. Some of those seasons were not doing so good in fact (some could recall a certain bad choice of a streaming platform), but we still honored all contracts.

It makes no sense for us to be walking away from what seemed to finally turn into a success story for us, with a lot of new things brought to the table, like the first evolving set, a unique and interesting competition format, ever growing prize funds, and so on.

All this in the midst of heavy planning for Season 6, as well, which also seemed to evoke excitement with things like the new Dragon Knight set (reaching top post on /r/dota2 more than once should speak for itself, along with making #1 Steam Workshop submission of all time). Partnerships signed and some on the way, schedules planned out, and plenty of logistics around it. Why would we do all that if we wanted to disappear?




Download TPL documents package

If you’re confused by all this, you’re not alone. To be completely honest, we don’t know what we got caught up in, either. All we want is an opportunity to continue producing Dota 2 content and providing new value to the community, or at the very least know the detailed reason behind it.


TPL Staff:
Harris ‘fentagin’ Takas, Site Administrator
Ben ‘DeeFromMars’ Katoglou, Graphic Artist
Tomislav ‘Senchantorpeist’ Lukinić, Editor in chief
Laurent ‘Ange’ Blum, CEO

TPL Contractors:
- David ‘Blaze’ Dillon
- David ‘TriumphOfMan’ Rutter
- Aren ‘Versuta’ Zurabyan

- Stephanie ‘Anuxinamoon’ Everett
- Gary ‘Hudston’ Hudston
- Donald ‘Dondon’ Phan

Video Editor
- Dominik ‘hexOr’ Buhmann

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