Alliance wins TPL Season 4!

Alliance wins TPL Season 4!


Update4: After 2 months and more than 90 matches the TPL Season 4 Champion has been crowned… and it’s Alliance! Congratulations to the guys from Sweden for their impressive and solid gameplay throughout the whole season. We also want to congratulate TeamLiquid and VP for their awesome play and manners and thank every team, player, as well as casters and other folks that participated in the tour organization. If you wanna watch or rewatch these great moments, replays are all available through the Dota TV ticket. VODs & rebroadcasts of the finals will follow! Hope you enjoyed the season! :) See you soon for…SEASON 5!!

TPL Season 4 podium :

1st:  Alliance win $5,000
2nd: TeamLiquid win $3,000
3rd: VP win $2,000

Update3: HEADING FOR TPL SEASON 4 GRAND FINAL ! That was awesome Dota, VP and TeamLiquid just offered us. With a 2-1 score TeamLiquid move forward to the best-of-5 Grand Final securing the sum of $3,000. They will now face undefeated Alliance. Who will be crowned Season 4 Champions and bring back home the $5,000 ? FIGHTING !!

Update2:  WOW!! In an exciting  winner-bracket final, we see Alliance prevail over VP with a 2-1 score and move forward to the best-of-5 Grand Final securing the sum of $3,000 and 1 point advantage.  They will meet either VP or TeamLiquid where both will have to do their best in the loser bracket final in order to reach the Grand Finals. Want to see more Zeus or Divine Rapier Gyros? This is all packed for Sunday at 18:00 CEST and 21:00 CEST. Make sure to not miss the Dota 2 awesomeness! FIGHTING.

Update: In another exciting semi-final, we see VP prevail over TeamLiquid with a 2-0 score and move forward to the final of the winner brackets where they will meet Alliance. TeamLiquid, will have to do their best in the loser bracket versus Fnatic in order to reach the Grand Finals. That’s it for tonight, tune in for the winner bracket final, tomorrow at 18:00 CET.

All of those currently top teams in Dota 2 will be under the spotlight of this great ensuing spectacle. The tournament will start this Friday and will enter its culmination on Sunday, with the grand finals being played at 21:00 CEST. As always, the games will be casted in English by David “Blaze” Dillon, who will be accompanied by Vykromond and in Russian by Versuta.

If you want to make the experience even more mesmerizing, and you still haven’t bought a ticket for the Premier League Season 4, you can do so by visiting the Dota 2 store. We will also be streaming the tournament on TPL TV, so in either case – tune in at 18:00 CEST this Friday (26th of April).


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Additionally, we’ll be following the development of events on our site very closely with LIVE news and updating the brackets as well. So in case you miss anything, you can catch up right here, on thepremierleague.eu!



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  1. gg says
    25/04/2013, 16:18

    will be fun

  2. ZantetXuken says
    27/04/2013, 23:42

    LOL fix result of WB Final guys

  3. # says
    28/04/2013, 18:06

    alliance defeated virtus pro 2-0. fix the result guys.
    and the dota 2 in-game event calender shows that the finals are on 29th of April instead of 28.
    So is it 28 or 29 ?

    • Avatar of TPL.Ange
      TPL.Ange says
      28/04/2013, 19:56

      I’ve it scheduled for 27&28, weird


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