Alliance and Dignitas battle for fourth!

Alliance and Dignitas battle for fourth!

Today is the day for Swedish and American fans of competitive Dota 2. Dignitas and Alliance are thrown in the battle pit, in the manner of ancient gladiators where the victor is the one who remains standing. Even though the losers of this match won’t be rid of their lives, they could be denied entry to the Season 4 Playoffs (in case the Swedish prevail) or simply have an immensely harder time getting there (in case of American victory).

The clash



20:00 CET


The last match of the regular part of the Premier League Season 4. After this is settled, we will head into the final Playoffs phase, where top 4 teams will meet to settle their differences (if you’d want to put it a bit more softly) and distribute the grand prize among each other. The 4th spot is still undecided and if Alliance wins, they will claim that spot. In case Dignitas comes out on top, we will have to break the ties with a mini-tournament.

Previous encounters




So far they’ve met 6 times in the past – mostly in top tiers of big tournaments – and the score is completely even. Each team took the win from the other half of the matches, and lost the other half. If we were looking at some inter-competitional best-of-7 (as far as matches go) between these two, this would be the deciding match.





Both teams have a player from their respective rosters selected for the Premier League Allstars Team for this season and this is proof enough that both teams have exhibited major performances up until now, as individually, so as a whole. What happens when stars collide you ask? Nothing much, just some explosions!

The solo mid clutch




The solo mid lane is another place where sparks could fly, as two clutch players, s4 from Alliance and SneyKing from Dignitas will be meeting head-on. It’s not impossible that, if the situation demands, one or both of these players could try to bring an early advantage with their impressive position-2 skillsets.

Make sure you tune in tonight at 20:00 CET, to watch this stellar duel and find out if someone will be able to secure their 4th spot, or if additional tiebreakers will be needed.

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