A clinch at the top and lurking threats

A clinch at the top and lurking threats

In expectation of tonight’s monstrous clash between TeamLiquid and Fnatic, we’ve prepared a short report on the development of events in the last round. Most of the fixtures featured matches between neighbouring teams on the tournament ladder.

One of those was mouz vs. rox.KIS where the former prevailed with a clean 2-0 win and paved the way for their 1-player, Black, to earn a spot in the Allstars Team for this week. The other two were between and Fnatic (2-0), as well as  paiN and Dignitas (0-2).

TeamLiquid did beat the underdogs aL who, despite being one of the two teams with no wins netted in the season yet, managed to take 1 game in a 2-1 loss versus the clear favorites.


The ladder


Finally, we got to see Alliance compete again, and what we saw was a convincing win over one of the teams with the best performances so far (both within and outside of The Premier League competition), although to be completely fair, Fnatic did play with a stand-in.

One way or the other, Alliance are now effectively equaled to Empire with only one lost match so far (but with only 3 and 4 played matches, respectively) and seem to be a hidden threat to the leading teams, when one only focuses on the standings. Fnatic, however, climbed down the ladder a bit as they saw their second loss in a total of 5 fixtures.

VP and TeamLiquid are still tied at 1st place with a 100% win rate so far in their 4 matches, but it remains to be seen if they can continue with their impeccable performances. Another interesting development to follow is the mid-table trio of mouz, rox.KIS and Dignitas, who are all currently on 2 wins and 3 losses.

Down at the bottom, paiN and aL are still hoping to find some points in Season 4 and for this they will have a chance in the upcoming round, versus Dignitas and mouz, respectively.


Key fixtures


TeamLiquid vs. Fnatic

Sunday, March 17th (tonight) – 20:00 CET

The obvious one, despite Fnatic‘s unexpectedly easy loss in the previous round and Fly’s continued absence from the main squad. They are meeting one of the 2 leading teams and will have to find a way to make up for all the disadvantages, because another loss would put them in a tough position for the finishing third of the season

VP vs. Alliance

Wednesday, March 20th – 20:00 CET

Another one to mess with your blood pressure! VP, the currently tying 1st place team, is delivering impressive shows since the start of the season, along with seeing their players in the Allstars selections for two consecutive rounds now. Alliance are also not far behind, with only 1 lost match and an ever rising form. Watch out for this one!


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